Lime Rendering Projects

Rendering with NHL 5 (Natural Hydraulic Lime)
Covenham St. Bartholomews, Lincolnshire

We started by removed the existing render from all the external elevations to the property.

The render that we removed was a sand and... read more

External Lime Rendering
Kirkby Lincolnshire

The existing render to the property was looking very tired and in a state of bad repair, the client wished to take off the existing render and renew it for a number of reasons.

... read more

Restoration of English Heritage property using different types of natural lime products
Lindum BMS - High Street, Boston

Scope of works involved the total renovation of the property, from removing out of keeping add ons, to... read more

Replacement of external render to a 19th century cottage
Northend, Goxhill

The existing render was removed by only using hand tools to minimise the amount of damage to the soft brick substrate.

The rendering was... read more

External Lime Rendering - A 100 year old property gets a make over.
Goxhill, Lincolnshire

Due to the age of the property and the soft brick construction, it was agreed that a lime based render would be the best option.

An... read more

Sand & Lime Restoration work
Bridge Street, Horncastle

Refurbishment of 2 adjoining buildings on Bridge Street, Horncastle.

The work involved the full refurbishment of the inside, which included the use of a lime based... read more